November 19, 2009

Ponder this, your family is told they must purchase a home. You find an agent, and she informs you that you can no longer purchase an existing home you must purchase a new home. So you do some research on and settle on a reputable builder. However, you are told you can not use this builder or any builder of your choosing, but you must use one specific builder.

After doing some research, you discover this new builder has never built one home. He has always subcontracted the work out to other venders. In addition, you find all the projects he has directly overseen have had enormous cost over-runs, which must be paid for by the client, design changes not approved by the client but paid for by the client, shabby construction which the client is told to overlook, and he has never completed any of his direct projects on time. Even worst, you are told you must start paying the mortgage immediately even though the house will not be ready for the next four years.

Of course this is not a home it’s Government health care, and the architects are U.S Congress and the President. They are laying-out a blueprint for disaster. We are told, if the bill passes and is signed into law, we must start paying for the healthcare right-away and will not be able to use any benefits until 2013 that’s four years from now. We don’t know what the cost structure will be because the numbers continue to change. Also as the cost rises and quality services decreases, we are told mismanagement team is working on fixing the problems they insisted on creating in the first place.

Selling a Dream

October 30, 2009

The health care bill the President has been pushing these last few months does not exist. “Senator Baucus has not actually produced a bill, but a 223-page summary of what he hopes a bill will contain. Unfortunately, without seeing actual legislative language,”

This piece of information from the Cato institute absolutely shocked. How in the world can our representatives vote on a bill and not know what’s in the bill.  OK, the House did it earlier this year, but this is the Senate. They are supposed to be a deliberative body. The Senate is failing in its job. The House failed at doing its job. Well, I am waking up and I am going to do my job. I am finding out how my government operates.

I am now pledging to find out how truly operates. I know the functions of the three Branches of Government. I know how Bills are generated. I do not know what going on in our government right knows. At this point in time, the Congress is not acting like a responsible governing body. Our President is acting more like a used car salesman than the President of the United States, and our Congress is acting more like the pushy sales manager. We see the car, named health care,  and there is something about it that makes us suspicious. But we must contend with a spouse, some of our follow countrymen,  that thinks it may be a good.  So the salesman starts talking in the direction of the spouse. The spouse does not care about car maintenance or what the vehicle history is.  What the spouse does know is we need another car, but does not realize this car will be far more expensive in the short and long-term than it worth. The skillful salesman paints a picture of all the nice places the family will be able to visit, and how we will be the envy of our neighbors.  We must realize, all of what he says is misleading or out right lies. He knows once you drive that vehicle off the lot IT IS YOURS. You and your family will be stuck with the payments no mater how badly the vehicle leaks, stops, and/or breaks down.

The truth is we are being sold dream. The President is selling something that does not exist. The bills congress has been voting do not exist. It has not been written. They are dreams of what could be, but remember they are still dreams. These dreams once imported into reality will fall apart. That’s when the dream turns into a real nightmare.

Hello world!

October 30, 2009

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